Covid-19 updates


In response to the latest Covid protection framework, Superbowl will implement the following practices from 24 January 2022.


1. Superbowl staff will require (and verify) customers Vaccine Passes for all persons over 12 years of age on entering the premises. Customers holding verified passes will be allowed entry to the premises.


2. Those persons under 12 years of age, or possessing an exemption from holding a Vaccine pass, will be permitted to enter. Relevant information, or evidence, may be required by the Superbowl staff.


3. Customers are strongly encouraged to wear a mask and keep 1 meter social distancing inside Superbowl.


4. Customers must be seated and use a specific area to consume food and beverages.

5. A capacity of no more than 100 people inside Superbowl at a time will be limited.

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