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Supper Deal

Catering Package

The ultimate catering package has a number of food options.

Kids Pack - $13.00 per person

Includes: Mini Hotdog, Fish Bite, Chicken Nuggets, 2 Corn Nuggets, and Fries.


Quick Bite - $15.00

Includes: Hotdog, Fish Bite, Chicken Nuggets, Fries. 

Supper Deal - $25.00

Includes: Hotdog, Fish Bite, 2 Chicken Nuggets, 2 Spring Rolls, Donut, and Fries.

Value Pack - $53.00

Includes: 2 Fish Bites, 2 Prawn Twisters, 4 Mini Hotdogs, 4 Chicken Nuggets, 4 Corn Nuggets, 2 Spring Rolls, 2 Donuts, and 2 Fries.

With extensive experience catering to large groups our expert team will ensure your function is one to remember.

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